26 July, 2013

ANCYL Limpopo gathers for Nelson Mandela Lecture.

  By: Kgowa Tiragalo

On the evening of 25th July, the African National Congress    Youth   League in Limpopo gathered to honor the internationally acclaimed hero of the apartheid struggle Dr. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. 

Visiting the University of Limpopo,Turfloop campus for the first time since he was appointed as the  premier of the province, Mr. Mathabatha Stan received a warm welcoming from the students. The students sang struggle songs as he was making his way into the hall.

The premier dated back the formation of African National Congress Youth League and gave the reason for its formation."In 1944,Nelson Mandela and other young comrades formed the ANCYL because they thought the older comrades were taking time to deal with the challenges brought about by the apartheid regime"said Mathabatha. The premier praised Mandela for being brave in the fight against the apartheid government.Mathabatha said that"Besides of being young,Mandela volunteered to join African National Congress, the mother body in the campaign called Defiance of the oppressive laws in 1952 and during that campaign more than 150 people were arrested including Nelson Mandela".

Mathabatha went on to state some of the events were Nelson Mandela was involved. The head of Limpopo province said that "in 1973 comrades Thabo Mbeki, Moses Mabhida and others went to Vietnam to attend what was called The People's War and by then Nelson Mandela was in jail. They came back and encouraged mass mobilization and that was when the new political parties emerged".

The name Nelson Mandela appeared more often in most of the Mathabatha's speech. Mathabatha thanked Mandela for negotiating with the,then  government to for the unbanning of ANC while he was still in jail and forcing the government to allow ANC members to be part of the negotiations.

The premier used the time and platform to criticize Julius Malema who parted ways with ANC and to clarify the misunderstood Freedom Charter."Some people decided to leave liberation movement to start something called EFF"said Mathabatha.Mathabatha continued to say"yes,the freedom charter says that the land shall be returned to the rightful owners but we cannot do that forcefully and recklessly" Limpopo premier thanked and urged the youth to carry on supporting the ANC.



25 July, 2013

A Different Youth

By: Asanda Sokanyile
Almost 40 years since young black students swarmed the streets of many townships of South Africa, from Soweto to Langa.  June 16 is a day to honour and commemorate the fallen youth who fought tirelessly against Bantu Education.  Thousands of students risked their lives for what they believed in.
The struggle has changed,  and the youth of today has its own struggles and tribulations.  We are a different youth, we have our own struggles and I think it is sad that our struggles are not realised or celebrated.  Many students at Cape Peninsula University of Technology share these sentiments and believe that it is time to start chanting new songs, not songs of freedom but songs of triumph.  We might not be fighting against the apartheid regime but we are fighting against many other forces. Some of us live in shacks, we have no proper sanitation and the lack of service delivery from government is an everyday struggle, but we are pushing on.  I remember how infuriating watching Cutting Edge a few weeks ago when the topic for the evening was the issue of "portable" toilets in squatter camps.  The lack of dignity that comes with this "solution" is alarming.  Can you imagine a man, a father, head of the home  having to go to the toilet infront of his children, in his one room home?  where is the digninty? where is the sense of worth? Is it even considered?  It is a wonder.
While the youth of today may know and understand the tragedy of June 16, 1976, we feel strongly about the lack of appreciation for our everyday struggles.  We spend the day drinking and going about our lives, because we feel a sense of disconnect and therefore don’t see the need to mourn and bury our  head in the sand forever.
The youth has changed, and so has the struggle, today’s youth wants to be heard and celebrated as people of character and many possibilities.

20 July, 2013

Let us continue the legacy of Madiba

By Afred Makhubela
Thursday 18 July 2013 marked  Nelson Mndela’s  95th birthday, hundreds of people chanted and sang  birth day songs and struggle songs outside the Mediclinic Heart Hospital in Pretoria were the struggle Icon is fighting for his life.
Ahmed Kathrada, Mandela’s long time friend  encouraged people to perpetuate the values Mandela has lived for. “ South Africa and the world  devoted  much more than 67 minutes that shows love and respect, the world has once more united,  wishing him good health and pledging  to carry on his values and what he lived for”, said the former Rivonia trialist.
Gogo On Tour marketing director  Khensani  Matjokane took his members to the hospital  for well wishes for mandela and they shared cake with  children at the hospital as part of their Mandela Day celebrations. She edged young people to reflect back  and compare current situations  of  South Africa.
“ Young people must look back and see the changes, they will know where they come from  because Mandela has brought a huge change”, said Matjokane.
The former statesman has been in hospital since the 8th of June 2013 with a recurring lung infection.  His close friends and family celebrted his historical birthday as the presidency says he responds well to medication.