08 April, 2008

...and the wait goes on

Ten days after going to the polls and Zimbabweans are still waiting for election results. For a moment it reminded me of a time when I was back home in Zimbabwe and the electricity went and we waited 8 days before it came back. As I waited for the day when I would once again be able to take a hot shower I remember a part of me thinking that the electricity was never going to come back. I had given up hope and resigned myself to a life of book reading and flame grilled meals, then it came back. The power came back. I used the stove over and over and watched tv all night that day (unfortunately I couldnt get a hot shower because the water had been cut the day before) and promptly became the hopeful person Id once been, hoping I would never have to endure another week of darkness again. This week has made that week in the dark seem as long as the two hour power cut I had here in Cape town last night. How much longer? There is constant media coverage but never with the information I want to know. And speaking of media coverage have any of you noticed how before the election the media was giving the impression that Mugabe had already won and his strain was too much for the struggling opposition to withstand and now all of a sudden there is speculation that his day is done? What do you think?

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Future Journalists Programme said...

I won't say i understand how you're feeling right now because im not zimbabwean, you obviously have a first hand experience on this matter. What saddens me though is that you've had to endure 28 years with the same president who at the moment does not seem to fulfill any of his promises. It worries me though why zimbabweans continue to vote for him knowing very well how the state of the country has deteriorated in his leadership. Its the most bizzare thing. i guess now we all have our speculation as to how that came about, "the electoral commision is under his govenment after all" so there's no doubt as to the level of affiliation between the two. Much concern though goes out to the citizens who have to wait (God knows how long!) for a reelection who's results are much too predictable. Only time will tell, and as you say......and the wait goes on.
And as far as the load shedding issue is concerned, my goodness. I will not even begin to express my frustration. Wasn't the govenment warned to build a power station long time ago....but hey, let me not get much into that....the electricity might fail me in the process...
Nqobile (future journalist)