06 August, 2010

Fashion bloggers unite

Fashion blogging is a new art, especially in South Africa. Whilst there are multitudes of fashion bloggers in America and France, there is only a handful in South Africa. Many have attributed this to the fact that the fashion industries in these countries are vastly bigger than the one in South Africa.

Despite this, I strongly believe that the South African fashion blogosphere can compete with its Western counterparts. Thanks to the growth of the internet, anyone from the bustling streets of New York City, to the dusty streets of the Khayalitsha, can blog about their personal style or their views on anything related to fashion.

Also, judging from the number of bloggers and members of arguably the biggest fashion website in South Africa, iFashion, there are many South Africans interested in fashion and fashion blogging.

As a journalism student, I know that the rise of new media necessitates a multi-skilled journalist and so, I have my own blog, Zee Fashionista. One of my favourite past times is to blog and read other fashion blogs. I especially love blogs on personal style, my favourites being Natalie Suarez’ Off Duty, Nadia Sarwar’s FrouFrouu and Julie Sarinana’s Sincerely, Jules.

Julie Sarinana (Image via Refinery29)

Nadia Sarwar (Image via Refinery29)
So that’s my mission for now – getting South African fashionistas to blog about fashion! While I love the views of renowned fashion bloggers like 13-year-old Tavi Gevinson and The Sartorialist, it would be wonderful to see and read South African perspectives on fashion.
By: Zinhle Mncube


Buhle '08 said...

OMG Zee Fashionista belongs to YOU??? I'm such a fan, you have no idea!
I have my own fashion blog and it covers the runways, mag covers, teh fashion issues we deal with everyday and also special occassions where I myself may need new clothes and therefore jot down the ideas on the blog and then see if it will work.
Lovely blog you have

Buhle '08 said...

oh and my blog is www.bbmfashion.blogspot.com

Zinhle10 said...
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Zinhle10 said...

Thanx. Your blog is lovely too.