01 November, 2011

Vote FJP's blogs at the SA Blog Awards

Hi guys

This year we have 2 FJP 2010 alumni's in the running at the upcoming SA Blog Awards.

My blog (Zee Fashionista) is the running for the Best Fashion Blog at the 2011 SA Blog Awards, and I'd like to ask all of you to vote for me by clicking on the SA Blog Awards badge at the top right hand side of my blog, or by clicking here - http://website.sablogawards.com/2011/vote/voteforme/3762,4176. Sihle's blog is also in the running, and I'll add his voting details to this post as soon as he let's me know about them.

Please use your correct email address because you will be sent a confirmation email which you will have to respond to in order to confirm your vote.

The process allows you to vote for only one blog per category.

Should you decide to vote for another blog in the same category you will lose the original vote, as the new vote will override the initial vote. So please spread the word because each person can only vote once for me in the Best Fashion Blog Category, and once for Sihle in the Best Lifestyle Blog category.

Public voting is from the 31 of October to the 9th of November.

Thanks guys!

Zinhle Mncube

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Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE said...

I love your blog, you have great photos and you write nice. old bookmark :)
visit me friend!