22 April, 2013

Students advocate for better ways of running examinations

THANKFUL: Anelle Schoeman, Associate Director of PricewaterhouseCoopers
A year ago the University of Limpopo was approved as a SAICA accredited university, enabling students completing the BAccSc degree direct access to an accredited postgraduate programme and in turn to write the qualifying examinations towards becoming Chartered Accountants [CAs (SA)]. Since accreditation is a continuous process, the SAICA academic review team conducts a follow-up-visit to the University of Limpopo, Turfloop Campus, to evaluate the progress of the academic offerings of BAccSc program.

The follow up visit update on all relevant aspects of the programme; course material, assessments and self-assessment (identifies strengths and weaknesses), the role of the University of Limpopo and other relevant resource information. The visit saw School of Accountancy Auditing students showered with awards. Students were tasked to make presentations on ways to better the way in which examination is conducted and security related matters are being suggested. Students’ presentations were looked at and judged by the SAICA team.

Mrs. Anelle Schoeman, the associate director of PricewaterhouseCoopers, on her opening remarks applauded the commitment that students have shown. “I am happy that students channeled all their time and efforts to this project and have learnt how to link theory with practice, not just wandering around with big text books. We noted that team work is essential to every group, nevertheless, conflict and droppings emerged among members and I am happy that they were minimal, above all, it was a success”, Schoeman declares.

Students received best presentation awards ranging from university coffee mugs, schools bags and caps. The purpose of the award giving ceremony; which was done in a form of a lucky draw, is to thank students’ determination to develop skills on library use and internet search, which is to be used by SAICA. “Through the project, you have extended enormous skills for high level engagement. You also gained skills for time and stress management”, says Professor Ambe, the Head of Department in the School of Accountancy.

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