14 August, 2013


As we salute, appreciate and honor the courage and tenacity of the w0men of 56, we mourn the death of the pride, courage and wisdom of young women of today. As I sit on the couch watching “I Am" on dstv channel 116, I listen to what sounds to me like a royal cop out of note. As Khanyi "queen of bling" Mbau explains what a role model she had become to young women who seek to enjoy the finer things in life.

What I fail and don’t believe I will ever understand though is the crazy justification of sleeping with a man old enough to be your father. Classic, “the need or desire for a father figure".

My parents divorced when I was seven, never in my life had I looked at an old (I shall say OLD as that is what they are) man and felt any desire to share a bed with him while he provides, amongst other things, a fatherly "love". Tjo, you might as well sleep with your own father. Young women of today have lost themselves in the whirlwind of a high life only known to them through TV screens. They then turn to old men, better known as sugar daddies who can afford the kind of lifestyle that they so badly desire. They sell their souls.

What happened to being young and proud, wanting to get educated? Are "sisters" no longer doing it for themselves? Are they unable to do it for themselves? 

Stalwart Sophia De Bruyn said at a woman’s day event, she wishes women of today would emulate the stregnths, tenacity and drive of the women of 1956.  Women should take advantage of the opportunities put forth to them.  We should by no means allow men or even other women for that matter to make us feel less than worthy or inferior.  We are the strongest creatures alive, we are the backbone of every family, community, society, country even.  It is time for us as women, especially young women to rise up to the challenge and grab life by the balls.  We should no longer wait for opportunities to be presented to us, how about creating our own and in fact creating a world where women are not seen just as skirts that belongs in the kitchen but a force to be reckoned with. 

Power to the woman, we were, we are and we always will be THE STREGNTH of all mankind.

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