08 April, 2014

Opinion Piece

Who Cares About Politics?

By: Kgowa Tiragalo

For so long, I did not care about politics. Just recently  realized that politics is and will always be part of our lives. I also realized that these people (politicians) are making decisions on or behalf. In the next paragraphs, I discuss my observations as far as South African politics is concerned. Bare in mind that the discussion my be confusing to some of the readers as writer is also confused. Truth be told, politics is very confusing.

For a long time, our people (Blacks) lived under the oppression of other races. in South Africa, we have different political parties who joined hands during that time of oppression to liberate the people. During the first democratic elections in 1994 the African National Congress(ANC) emerged victorious. It is a good thing to know that these political parties managed to liberate the country. Sometimes I get scared to know that this political party cadres have the mentality of dictatorship. We often hear statements like " ANC will rule till the second coming of Jesus".

Well they say this as if they are joking but what will happen if it really looses the upcoming national elections?

With the date of the national elections approaching, politicians showcase unusual behaviors: violence and all sorts of accusations. Yes! for some, this may be the interesting part of politic because they would have something to talk about during their  social gatherings and on their way to their workplaces etc. For some, it gets scary because they fear civil war.

The mentality of ruling forever breeds strange behaviors in most of our politicians.
With the national elections approaching in South Africa, what I can sense is: TENSION! TENSION!

What are your thoughts regarding the current political situation in your country?

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