09 May, 2014

Is the country ready for Malema’s leadership?

By Noxolo Nhlangothi

Until recently, it looked like the Democratic Alliance was giving the governing party; the ANC tight competition. 

But now, after checking the latest updates on the voting results, it seems the tables are slowly turning. Malema’s EFF keeps growing rapidly and a few (including I) have been shocked.

When Julius Malema first introduced his party to the country it appeared to most as a joke or a an attention seeking. That is the way it appeared, especially after he had been kicked out of the ANC. So to most the EFF seemed like it was a party was destined to die in no time due to lack of support. 

The latest results are suprising. So far, Malema and the DA are head to head for the number two spot. Who would have imagined this change? This can only mean that young people have been supporting Julius secretly and did not show it all along.

In the recent party manifestos, thousands of young people have been showing up to show their support for Julius. I am sure the ANC feels that they shot themselves in the foot when they suspended him. 

No one can deny that Malema has a fiery character, no one deny that he has no respect for most our leaders, but can the ANC deny him his right to dream? 

Why is it wrong for him to make promises to change the country like other parties have done and still continue doing? What setbacks can he bring that we haven’t received from other parties? 

Malema like any other party leaders believes in his party. He says the party will exist for the next 100 years. He promises what most others are promising us but in his own ‘Juju style’ . 

His party advert was banned in April by the SABC because it was claimed that it incited violence for demanding - “Destroy e-toll”. The SABC felt that this statement would incite violence. 

Most people doubt that he can lead; most citizens have similar questions and uncertainty regardless of his determination. 

Is this country ready for a Malema type of leadership? Do South Africans really vote because they like the party, leader or their promises? How do we kill our fears and insecurities completely and stop fearing what we do not know?

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