26 September, 2014

Education is just a system

By Mamosa kekana

This piece is inspired by the movie '3 idiots'

Day in and day out you hear of students Dropping out of school, some Committing suicide because of societal expectations and the education system.
Which is 'learn, leave ,labour'. School has one systematical way of doing things and if you fail to comprehend you are challenging convention.
They teach you to memorise. In most cases it's never how you comprehend it. It's how the teacher wants you to understand it, failure to do so, will result in you getting flunked.
Although I have to commend the system for allowing the brain intellectual capacity. I have to also condemn it for crippling the brain to be narrow minded. To not dare to dream big, but rather get a degree, work for someone ,make them rich.

The cohesive elites 'academics' are given special treatment because they get "it'. They are separated from the rest. They are taught to compete or die because that's how the real world is. Then they start  looking down on the 'rest' because they are not of their level. And
Such creates animosity amongst a class who's main purpose was to learn and have fun while doing it. But instead there's educational segregation.

 Why can't we all be equal.Why can't we just choose 'not so serious'  courses like Arts, and be embraced as 'academics' ?
"We are all academics irrespective of the spectrum" Nqobile Sibisi

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