14 September, 2007

I write what I like

Keamogetse Letsholo

The 2007 Highway Africa Conference, which attracts African journalists from all over the continent, took place the same week when South Africa commemorated the assassination of Steve Biko was vocal about freedom of expression.

Biko's famous quote of "I write what I like" is in line with what journalists are doing.
Although reporters cannot necessarily write what they like, their reports can contribute to changing public views and opinion which are the key drivers of democratic thought and discussion.

As African journalists we should be proud of ourselves and attempt to portray Africa positively rather than as a dark continent characterised by war, poverty and negativity.

I would like to think that if Biko were still alive he would be a politician who would write columns to correct the dominant Western opinion of Africa, and would who strive to do away with parachute journalism.

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