21 September, 2007

What would Biko think?

By Somikazi Dyolivane [ufh]

Steve Bantu Biko - a South African icon, political activist who believed in equality of all races and provision of equal opportunities for all citizens of South Africa - was brutally murdered on the 12th of September 1977 by the apartheid regime. Biko was a great man who had a vision for South Africa and its citizens.

Biko sacrificed his life, hopes and dreams so that you and I, the youth of South Africa can have a future and freedom of expression.It has been 30 years since his passing. Today South Africa is a free nation. South Africans enjoy many freedoms, but not all freedoms are exercised responsibly.

Would Steve Biko be content with the governance of South Africa? Would he be happy with the way South Africans use their freedoms.

What have you done further Biko's ideas?

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