28 May, 2008

Why violence?

By Azwihangwisi Mufamadi

The past few weeks have laid witness to xenophobic attacks in different parts of South Africa. Those who claim to be experts on the issue have given a few lousy explanations for the reasons of the attacks. Some argue that it’s because local people fear that foreigners (or should I use black foreigners) are taking their jobs. This is a lousy explanation. If this was the case the people who live in Musina, just a stone throw away from Zimbabwe, would not have managed to live and share their jobs with people from Zimbabwe.

Another explanation is that foreigners, particularly Nigerians, are taking South African women from their men. This is a sad but funny one. If these Nigerian men are taking other people's girlfriends, well good for them. They obviously give them the treatment that they deserve unlike their South African counterparts. People need to learn from these guys. In fact, it’s about time South African men learn to keep their women in their beds. Everyone has a right to love whoever they want to love. What happened to "may the best man win". Are we really that scared of competition? The answer is yes to those who are not certain, you will feel the pinch if you don’t treat your woman like a queen.

Back to the matter, although nothing is known about what might have sparked these attacks it is certain that they are here and spreading all over South Africa despite Ngqakula denial that it’s a crisis. It’s really embarrassing how instead on trying to counter the problem our Safety and Security Minister is busy arguing that it does not fit the definition of a crisis. First it was the denial that crime was and still is a problem in South Africa and now this. Why doesn't someone propose a motion of no confidence against this guy? I guess we'll have to wait for the next election

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Future Journalists Programme said...

Nqobile (FJP)

These xenophobic attacks have surely stired up heat not only in our country but internationally as well. Ay ke, Azwi, for a South African guy, you're surely open minded about 'your girls' being taken. But at least your acknowledge the truth. I guess its the issue of our men not being gentle enough with us- (i mean SA women in general before anybody quotes me on this one).
Yah, like its said, 'the world is a jungle and its survival of the fitest!'. However, im glad the violence has subsided, but who knows for how long.
Some rejoice and say the silent cries of our citizens have finally been heard and the government ought to act on this one. The sad part is that people's lives were lost in this madness, and for some of us who have non- south african friends, this whole ordeal was a blow to our faces. If one life lost was that of my friend, i cannot even contemplate what i could have felt or done. It would have been a moment that would have made me think hard where my loyalties lie: at home(SA) or with nations? its a hard question because it tests the true essense of our humanity.......... think about it.....what would you have done?