20 June, 2008

Arts Festival- Gotta be There

Nqobile Buthelezi (UKZN)

The hip and the happenin will be gathered at grahamstown as from the 26th of June for the National Arts Festival. For those of us who are all for arts, it will truly be heaven. It's time to showcase the hottest talent in the country. Self expression is the latest fashion and for those who are still rigid, its time they move with the times. In the olden days, the 'arts' seemed an irrelevant field, undermined and severely under-payed. However, it is comforting to see our world recognising those with the 'rare' talents beyond maths, accounting, stats or health.

We now live in a world where we have to constantly make known what we feel, either through talking (spoken word, poetry) or through action (drama, dance) or with a splash of paint. Though, to change sceptics, this 'artistic' change is unnecessary, I say; if our world was allowed to shout more, talk more, and do more of soul searching, there would be less of killing, beating, raping and cursing. Think about it. We live in a changed world where everything that mattered doesn't anymore and everything that was of no essence is the center of our world. So, South Africa- get down to Grahamstown for a mind blowing experience... I know I'll be there!!!

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ntokozo said...

I fully agree with what you're saying Nqo. As an engineer I am tought certain methods to approach a problem. Most of the time we rely on literature..on past experiments and observations made by other scientists over a century or so ago.

Art on the on the other hand is not tought..it can only be honed..be improved upon. The freedom to actively and continuosly use your imagination, reasoning and intellectual abilities is what interests me the most. I envy artists! I am soon to begin attending theatre..to appreciate this culture a lot more! Who knows I just might be inspired to change careers!