25 June, 2008

Malema and Vavi to die for Zuma

To some extent I understand Julius Malema's and Zwelinzima Vavi's statement regarding the ANC leader Jacob Zuma.Their statement tells me one thing,Zuma is a charasmatic,infuencial and beloved leader.

As far as I see it, they(Vavi and Malema) have not said anything new, they are simply echoing what our potential president has always said,khawulethu mshini wam(bring my machine gun).The only difference with Malema and Vavi's statement is that they are specific about what they will do with their "machine gun".Zuma must be a very happy man, infact I would like to add that he is a very lucky man.

To have two leaders of the country's biggest union and the ruling parties political youth wing willing to put their lives down for you is flattering.I can imagine what the conversation was last weekend at some boere braais around the country, "I was right,those ANC people are terrorists.Sadly for Zuma he wont't be getting any Afrikaner vote until he stands up and condems what Malema and Vavi have said.

Do not get me wrong when I say I understand their statement,I am by no means saying I support it.I understand it but I do not condone it!There is one question on my mind though, will they be sending out youth militia to intimidate anyone who does not support Zuma like Zanu PF is doing to anyone anti Mugabe.Are they to be labelled martyrs or terrorists.

I hope their statement stays just that, a statement or threat,if not, then the predictions of many post apartheid emigrants are at hand - "This country is going to end up like Kenya,Zimbabwe or any former colonial African country!God forbid!

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Nicoleen said...

But Dinilohlanga, don't you think that the media has taken the statement a bit too far? Of all the things that Malema said, they have only singled out this part and he did say other thngs, even though he didn't have the right words for it.

I just hope that this won't prompt the youth to up their arms and 'defend' Zuma, stupid as that may be, they will try it if given the opportunity. Do you think that the media will ever stop looking for the most negative comments in leaders' speeches? Don't you think that people have actually had enough of sad news like almost everyday? Is there ever a time to hear about positive news?