21 May, 2009

The count-down begins...

Am i the only one thats noticed that June is right next door. Granted June means its exam time but even better than that...FEST and yes drumroll please, we are all gonna be back together again r u not as excited as I am.

I'm so stoked to see everyone one again but right now ofcourse I wish you all the best for the upcoming exams work hard folks becuase we aint getting to Third year without getting through this year.

Le dulce Vita

See you all soon soon.



Future Journalists Programme said...

Spread that cheer Chwayi!! Can't wait to see everyone too.

Don't forget to put the "listen live" link for RMR so that people can listen to your show!!

All the best for exams everyone!

Nadi-09 said...

have you been playing this year?
did you forget you where at school?
was partying and smoking all you did?

AYEYE then you are in trouble, tomorrow (1 June) the big man(EXAMS) will be alive and kicking-ass. if you haven't touched your books start NOW.

good luck guys,
i know you can!!!

Jane-09 said...

Chwayi, was that second last part of your blog French? gal, I hope you can stil speak English the next tyime we meet...do'nt want you to swear us.LOL......wish you all the best for ya exams especially French (Seeing that it seems to be the most favourite subject). By the way I started on the 28th of may, Nadi.

Masebe-09 said...

Guess who's also coming........siyabangena. That's true Nandi its only a couple of weeks before we revive those memories again. I hope everyone is as eager.Bye Eagle