08 May, 2009

Taking back the Night...

This day the 8 May 2009 marks the fourth anniversary of the Rape judgment which gave Jacob Zuma freedom on a silver platter and denied justice to Kwezi "the rape survivor". Tomorrow Jacob Zuma becomes the president of the Republic of South Africa, a truly sad day in SA history. But TONIGHT, we took back the night! With all this in mind, today also marked a very important day on the Rhodes calendar "the 1 in 9 campaign", where over 400 hundred students participated in the biggest movement yet on campus.

From early this morning over 200 women had their mouths tapped shut, including yours truly, to represent the 8 in 9 rape survivors who remain silenced by an injustice society, where rape is made 'okay' because we refuse to ackowledge that it is a plague affecting our country. Your mother, your sister, your niece, your brother and nephew are all potential victims including yes, me and even YOU. Rape is no longer just my problem or yours, it is OURS. So today we broke the SILENCE and we marched in the early evening and took back the night.

"I said NO!", "My Vagina says NO!", "My Vagina is Pissed off", "Real men don't rape".

Enough is enough!!!


Nadi-09 said...

Its okay to be sad because truly the South Africa's justice system is taken over by the government or should i say "the RULING PARTY". We no longer have the so called "rights" which we claim to have,We are no longer proteced, we wondeer if we are next, but instead of pointing fingers can't you and I take a stand and say NO, then HE and SHE will also tale a stand. we are mad yes very mad but should we point fingers and say you and you, no we should instead take the lead and say I HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

Good piece Nandi, i am glad you have voiced out what many feel but fear to express.

Nadi-09 said...