05 March, 2010

Bafana vs. Namibia

So a couple of friends and I went to watch the SA vs. Namibia match at Moses Mabhida stadium. You all know the results of that dismal match, so I will not say anything about it, except that we have to pull up our socks if we plan on making much of an impresssion.

The atmosphere... WOW!!! I had such a great time- as can be seen by the top picture. It has been a long time since I partied up a storm and I did not regret it. Even though we sucked with the match- I mean these guys are part time teachers- battling to beat a lowly 111 ranked Namibia, the atmosphere and the joining together of all the races in SA and some foreigners socking SA colours, just showed me what a beautiful country we live in!

I like the new Bafana Bafana away jersey. It's way better than that yellow one. My opinion anyway.

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