31 December, 2010


By Simphiwe Kanityi

Well with few hours before we all can welcome the New Year (2011), affectionately termed 20elevation…looking back into the year 2010 would do us no harm. I would say South Africa is blessed with all seasons, if you are a Christian you will know what I mean because here am talking of the IN & OUT of seasons (meaning GOOD and BAD times). All these seasons are meant for growth, test of character, eye opening, faith strengthening and you go on counting…Oh my God it’s like am preaching now.
For many South Africans 2010 symbolised a year of renewal and a new kind of patriotism. Even tourists were bowled over by the ubuntu and friendliness. The whole country for a moment united in one way or another – some would disagree claiming that there were few people who were on bay – well there were Angels who followed Satan out of Heaven but that did not disturb peace and unity that ruins in Heaven. Meaning there will be such people but they were totally unrecognisable and left groaning under their blankets waiting for scandals and bombs. South Africa hosted the biggest sport competition in the WORLD with great success. I am proud of being a part of this nation…not that I have not been proud just that the moment stirred my blood firing up some emotions and root shaking. Because of that I would not mind flying around singing “I am a South African”.
It is just UGLIES as fights within the government that sometimes makes me pinch my self trying to see if am really a South African…if so why not doing anything about it, but seriously what can one do. I remember one time out of a free will where we gathered as a group of students offering to have career guidance for high school kids. This is would be termed “the rise of responsible citizens” but guess what! Our government is not afraid of taking someone who was not interested in school at a tender age but ran for politics and let that person head the Education Department – the result is disastrous. I rather not mention any here but look around and think for your self. Let me clear this part – am not saying that politics are bad, we are free today it is because of them, I am not saying those people are not learnered just that many departments are headed by people who do not have a clue of what their positions are about. One would say corruption is the result but not only that some even killed for self enrichment. In the process the future of the younger ones who are to take over tomorrow.
How can we forget the destruction of COPE, fights within the ANC, Fierce strike by COSATU and its trade unions? Provincial reshuffle and firing? For others it might have been seen or presented as “for the good of the people” – really? Think again!
GOODIES: Having the US ambassador, Donald Gips, visiting SA and named South Africa a potential "global innovation hub for the 21st Century" (http://bit.ly/aVxKDV) is something to be proud of as this nation.
Naming all the goodies such as SA winning international brand award, Bafana ending 2010 on high note and improving dramatically on the world rankings from 80s to 50, Johannesburg city beating off big cities of the world to hold 2013 international sporting conference, Johannesburg city scooping international greening award, William Kentridge winning the Kyoto prize, SA doctor elected to prestigious US board, SA topping international budget index, SA’s Murray & Roberts facilitating the Chilean mine rescue, SA to join UN Security Council, SA breaking the world braai record for braaing for 30 hours, Durban to bid for 2020 Olympics, SA’s AB de Villiers best in the world, SA university choir best in the world, SA golfer winning British Open, there are many goodies that are happening even at this hour, right in your community, those that will not be covered for the country and the world to see. I mean those parents who are not earning decent salaried but manage to send their kids for better and higher education, those local groups who made sure that street kids have food on Christmas. Those are the goodies you can count than that once off moment where you were not happy because you could not buy the suit you wanted and then thought 2010 was the worst year ever.
South Africa. Let us look back and be thankful for all these seasons. Let us be strengthened to make 2011 the best year ever. Let us learn, admit and be prepared to be elevated to another level come 2011. The whole world is waiting for the greater things yet to come, 2010 was not the end but the beginning, and we cannot sit back now and think that the world cup is over so we might as well relax. If you are called to help others, do it with great eagerness come 2011, if you a student, study till those books develop holes in the pages, if your duty is to serve the public, why can’t you go an extra mile and forget about yourself a bit.
South Africa is beautiful, the world is amazed and they want more. It has been a long time seeking for an opportunity to grab the world’s attention “KE NAKO” it is about time. I can, you can and we can!!! May 2011 be the year of fulfilment and contentment! God bless you South Africans.

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