11 February, 2011

Attitude of Grattitude

I can not begin to describe the feeling that i have towards the FJP, it always leaves me speechless but yet full of joy. After so long do i decide to write on this blog to express my sincere gratitude to everyone at FJP for the contribution they made to my success and the impact they have to my grooming.

FJP has helped me understand the essence of life as a whole. how to be my best, through learning, networking and building a family with everyone that i meet. It has showed me that there is more to life then just working but life is an umbrella for all my experiences be it good or bad.

To Mo and Nqo (now i sound like a poet) Sim unfortunately there is no Tim, thank you for the lessons that you have taught me. The arts of good journalism. If anyone had to ask me what makes good journalism I'm sure i would say FJP because that is where it all begins.

Grahamstown as small as it is has brought such good memories, lovely experiences and friends that i will treasure for life. The spirit of togetherness has always been so stong and and the laughters that we shared live in me forever.

To all the new FJPs i have only one thing to say to you, the spirit of togetherness, acceptence, love and companionship will get you through life and if you don't have it already don't leave fjp without.


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Nqobile08 said...

Hi Hunadi

Oh, don't make my heart melt! I will embarass myself in the office :-) I am happy you share thsese wonderful centiments about the programme. It is important for our new FJPs to hear such testimonies from you guys. And indeed if you came out of the programme better than you came in, and with an extended family, then it is a bonus! Thank you. We will continue to make the programme beneficial to all participants, and hopefully their umbrella will be full like yours when they leave: with lovely memories.
Nqobile (Assistant Coordinator: FJP)