06 April, 2011

Mobile, Journalism for the Future

The FJP Autumn School is now on its third day. FJPs have been exploring Cell Phone Journalism. It's been an interesting journey so far, with no internet connectivity in between and a few frustrations here and there for those young journos with a bit of techno-phobia! But of course, a helping hand from Paddy Donelly, is always at bay- almost like that illuminating light, in the midst of darkness.

Asking these young journalists to grab a pen, paper and sift fact from fiction is obviously no hustle, but asking them to write poems on their relationships and to produce a minute documentary on themselves and their thoughts on love, is yet another! FJPs made their first cellphone videos yesterday. If there's one thing I learnt, is that love surely hurts! On a more constructive side, the group got their hands dirty, scripting, filming in the field and later editing their work. In all, the FJPs got a good dry-run of how to think for broadcast, use their cellphones as tools and to use the software to produce for television.

LoveLife Field Trip
This morning, FJP visited the Dlukulu Clinic at Joza Township, Section 6 in Grahamstown. FJPs interviewed LoveLife Mpintshi's, documenting their different stories. They used their mobile phones to capture footage. It was a very good exchange between youth- the Mpintshi's sharing their life-stories and the FJPs documenting it.

FJPs will edit their work for the rest of tomorrow. Final products will be posted on all Highway Africa Platforms, and on the LoveLife website.

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busisiwe 11 said...

yah it was an experience and a half, but i have to say that all the FJP's were awesome, considering our inexperince i think we did a pretty good job and we should be proud of ourselves..and of course thanks to you, peddy, anetha, mo, dudu and andy! for everything...