08 April, 2011

Moses, of All Trades

FJP does wonders, really. Some students come into the programme, quiet, reserved and closed in a shell, afraid of their first exposure to the real journalism world. University of Limpopo's Moses Moreroa, was one such student, or so it seemed. On Sunday the 3rd of April, when the group arrived in Grahamstown for the commencement of their FJP year, Moses was 'a man of few words', always limiting his engagement with the group to a few answers and an occasional smile. This Moses however, was a deception!

The real Slim-Moses has stood up! He has blossomed to the 2011 group's superstar in the making. I mean, this guy has been featured in most of the videos, either as the 'voice-over', the abusive father, or the lover, and so the list goes on! Hey, and he almost got the rule of thirds perfect in his video.

So, we have a Moses of all trades- in all things journalistic and theathrical alike!



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