21 September, 2011

I will miss you FJPs

It is so sad that our time had to come to an end, it was really nice spending time with you FJPs. I gained something positive from each and everyone of you and I can happily say that I am inspired by most of you. We were like a family. I will miss each and everyone of you; every second we spent together and every laughter we shared. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to Nqobile and the entire Future Journalists Programme staff for everything they have done for me. If it was not for the FJP I would not have been who I am today. Through the FJP I’ve gained confidence in myself, yes I am not the most talkative person, but I can tell you that I am no longer the Elethu I was before joining the programme. Being part of the FJP is the greatest thing that has ever happened in my life and that is why I will never forget the time I spent there. Keep on doing the great work Nqo! I will miss all of you my friends!

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