28 September, 2011

My year as an FJP

By Wendy N Ngcobo
I remember walking shivering with anxiety as I didn’t remember doing anything that would get me to be called in to go to the office.
“You have been chosen to be on the FJP programme “these were words by my lecturer Mrs. Sobbend when she delivered the good news to me.
Her lips carried on moving but in my mind I was thinking “after months of regretting having taken long to enter this industry, could the wait been worth it “.I was smiling but my eyes were filled with tears that because she saw me smile she was unable to see .I blew my nose not because I had a problem but because I didn’t want her to see that I was actually hiding my tears from being seen.
I was excited and nervous, at the prospect of such an opportunity, that I Wendy Nolwazi Ngcobo was about to embark on this journey, I was going to Rhodes University. I was nervous and excited at the same time I didn’t know which emotion to deal with first. I was going to Rhodes University and will be meeting new other students from  around South Africa who had the same passion as me .I was excited about my journey to autumn school that I packed a week in advance.
Mobile Phones as tools for journalism  is what  our workshop was  based on and there was nothing as heartwarming when on our last day we sat and watched a movie that I had made on YouTube .I’ve continually received positive feet back  on the story I did in the community of  Joza.
I had the amazing opportunity of being involved in the Durban International Film Festival which was an amazing networking platform form for me as an up and coming journalist. This opportunity came after one of our alumni’s Sihle Mthembu motivated us to ‘remove the mentality of being students”,” you are professionals from day one “, he said.
From that point on I have been so confident in introducing myself as ‘a journalist from Highway Africa’ that the poise I have possessed and the mentality of professionalism  has seen me  surrounded by influential people in the media ,in entertainment and in government.
Wendy ,Elethu and Akhona
Words cannot describe how I feel about the programme about the amazing initiatives it continuously   provides for young and upcoming journalist as the lessons we learn at our tertiary institutions, those alone are not enough to prepare one for the task we have at hand as advocate for people.
So to the future, FJP I wish them all of the best  they should take hold of this amazing, once in a life time opportunity.


Nqobile08 said...

Thank you so much for your sentiments Wendy. You know, it is posts like these that validate the work I do with FJP. More hard work still lies ahead. The challenge is to grow FJP to impact more young journalists. You guys must spread the word of FJP and that way sponsorships will come. I will miss this year's group, the fun times laughter, hardwork and the smiles at 3am n the morning trying to finish work :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh man..i can attest to the thrill of that experience.i even got 2 follow various developments of the who programme.i now knw and take grahamstown art festival serious.fjp doing a great job indeed and thank u for giving my partner in crime that opportunity.much luv-AP