05 July, 2012

Sipho Mutsi, ‘the Barefooted Comrade’

By Tendai Sibanda

The  captivating documentary  tells the life story of one of the lesser
spoken, determined and committed  young South African  political activist
Sipho Mutsi  who was prepared to give up his life as a ransom in the name
of freedom, and  to improve his socio-economic conditions  from
the cruel apartheid regime.

Born 1967 in the Free State province,, he was an exceptional thinker from an early age and ahead of his peers, which lead him on to his activist path.

When Mtusi speaks about the political struggle, people take note.. After the passing of the Freedom Charter in 1955he lost interest in his artistic work and became more determined to take his political stance to another level.

In 1985 he was arrested for his political activities and severely
tortured. He died at Odendaalsrus Police station in the Free State, where he had been detained.

His dynamic life story is a reminder of the fallen heroes of the political struggle and a
documentary not to miss out.

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Nenic Sinoko said...

I would like to say a bit about this little Political icon:I was five years old the time of his death but I know some stories about those Riots.I saw him ones as they we wanted by Police with my sister-Phindiwe Sinoko(died in 2003-12-26) who was 15years old then.Those apartheid days we horrible and sad to get arrested because you have scar in you face.They caught and arrested together before my parents bail out my sister.They we classmate in Phehello Secondary(Block 7 section).Sipho Mutsi was living in Block 4 and my sister(Phindiwe Sinoko stay in Block1 Xhosa section)I would like to read this History in books or papers one day,and Odendaalsrus must be recognise when it come to Politics.Icon like Sello Dithebe,Mr Mayekiso are some of the big names in this small town.By the way my name is Nenic Sizile Sinoko I was born in Odendaalsrus Kutlwanong location in Block1,this is the tue story.