30 July, 2012

Inspiring Photo Journos

As I set by my desk, in the late hours of the night whilst hoping for a miracle picture to save me for my pending assignment, a great art-like piece by photo journalist Carsten Snejbjerg was my saving grace. "Carsten Snejbjerg?!" I thought to myself. What is he about?! Luckily, there was a fantastic link to his seemingly great snapshots. I discovered that he is an award-winning photo-journo who has published pictures for media giants such as Vanity Fair, Newsweek and Le Monde. His story is a great one too. Upon embarking on a 3,400 km bike trip from China to Vietnam in 1997, he sought to take the challenge of photojournalism in 2000 after the leap of motivation he experienced in Asia. Today, he is a remarkable Danish representative of the dynamic media industry.

Here is a link to Snjebjerg's website which showcases an array of immaculate photography and stories:

                                      Picture by: Carsten Snejbjerg
                                     Inspired by cock fighting which originated as a sport in the Philippines, 16th century
After viewing Snjebjerg's work, I thought it possible for me to give photojourn a try. Please do note: the cock and the image of the person have no link whatsoever.

                                         Picture by: Zithobile Zwane & Julia Payle

                                         Picture by: Zithobile Zwane & Julia Payle


Francki Burger said...


I really like your blog and the way you write. Your own image is quirky and fun! Well done1

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