19 September, 2012



I have read and heard most of my friends and fellow South Africans expressing their views about Malema. With others even calling him a fool after yesterday press conference. I personally think and believe that it is a political game that Malema is playing. As you would know and understand Malema has a big influence to the masses.

Attacking the president and the current ANC leadership is another way to hit back on what happened to him and his fellow comrades early this year.

 I still think President Jacob Zuma used Malema to get the votes from the masses and he made a huge mistake to allow Malema to be victimised by the NEC.
Since when people in a democratic country are not allowed to express their views and why does Zuma  say Malema is taking advantage of the miners?  When Malema addressed University students, it was said that Malema is taking advantage of the students. The fact is and will always remain Malema is in touch with the masses and that is a huge threat to Zuma and his loyal followers.
Responding to comments by some fellow South Africans about Malema deciding to speak about corruption within ANC. I think one should understand that any politician expelled from the party he love and work hard for would do whatever it takes to discredit the current leadership of that party and all those who had a final say to remove him/her.

I wish one day most South Africans would stop, I mean stop including emotions when discussing politics. Remember politics is about critical and radical thinking. Malema made it clear yesterday that he is ready to fight for miners. He added that he see no reason for the army to be deployed at Marikana. It is no secret that there were innocent residents in that area who were shot and injured.

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