28 March, 2008


This video was filmed at the Egazini Outreach Project in Joza Township in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Egazini is a place where children from the area can express and develop their different artistic talents. The video features a dance group made up of three young girls who create and perform their own dances as a way to express themselves.

Also shown in the video is the contrast between the apartheid history of the Egazini Otreach Project building, a building once occupied by riot police, and the positive role that the workshop now plays in the community.

Bongani Diko, the Director of the project, says that this project has had a positive impact on the community’s young people, through providing a recreational facility that keeps young people of the streets and out of trouble.

Since the project started, many youths have been kept from using drugs and being involved in crime.

The dance trio in this video will perform at this year’s National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. The arts festival takes place from 26 June to 5 July 2008.


Future Journalists Programme said...

great work guys. have been tellin all my friends about our project and they seem excited about it. Although people might criticise us, but the crux of the matter is that we're learning and we are going far with this. I love your video. Egazini surely is a place of inspiration for young people and i think its a great course to invest in youngsters who are also the future of our country. So im also thankful to Rhodes for the opportunity they've given us. Lets do them proud. With work like this im sure we will.

buhle said...

Oh wow Nqo. You know that's how I felt about Egazini. When i told my mom about it she was quite shocked that a former Stability Unit Facility actually has a positive outcome and that it's helping the youth change the way that they do things and have an outlet where thay can express themselves fully in something that they love. We need more centres like Egazini. And we also leant something when we were there, use whatever talent you have to put the message across. it's really encouraging stuff. Tahk you once again to Open Society, Rhodes University and the FJP Facilitators for helping us. It feelsso good that we are actually putting palces like Egazini for the whole world to see. thanx guys.