27 March, 2008

Through Dead Eyes

Poetry project at Egazini Outreach poetry project

The Egazini Outreach project in Grahamstown was once a place of struggle and sadness under the tragic history of the Apartheid regime as it hosted the dreaded internal stability unit. Since 2001, however, the site has been transformed by the local community into a centre for creativity and expression.
The young people of this rural community have benefited most from their involvement in this initiative. Not only has it kept them off the streets but it has allowed them to channel their emotions into gripping works of art.
Through Dead Eyes is one such product of artistic expression. In this production, a group of young men reflect on their history and how it relates to their position in society today. The production revolves around the great Xhosa prophet, Makana , and his failed struggle for freedom. The poets facing their own struggles now draw inspiration from the predicaments Makana experienced and continue from Makana’s failure to strive for change and a better future.

Egazini heritage site, filmed by Mudiwa, Somikazi, Nadine, Azwi and Ernest.

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Chokiphly said...

Interesting Topic- havent watched it yet but from what i've just read.I cant wait to watch...Nice job guys...Props!!
Nadine and team...well done...will post another comment once i've read!!

-Boitshoko (3rd yr Audio-Visual production student: UJ)