09 June, 2009

9 months no houses for tornado victims -Grahamstown

It was in early October 2008 when the mini tornado hit Grahamstown; a number of residents, especially in Vukani location were left houseless. Early this year they were provided with two room –tents and promised to be in their houses by the end of March 2009. Elections came and passed in April 2009 and still the houses were not in place as promised. Attempts to speak with the officials failed a number of times due to their unavailability. In an ever changing Grahamstown weather I personally witnessed that the tents are not in good condition. They have holes and the winter freezing wind just blows in, they are small as you can hear from the audio accompanying this article. Sad enough residents do not even know who their councillor is, they are only depending on the coming of the officials when they like to do so. The hope is on the new government if they can deliver something different for these residents.

Only listen the first part of this podcast which is relevant to this article otherwise you can listen to the rest for interests' sake.

Simphiwe Kanityi 08

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