10 June, 2009

hellllllloooo eeevvvveeerrryyyyooonnneee

wow! exams fever got high of me.

how's everyone guys. how many of us noticed that we spent most of time reading what we know when preparing for our exams? stress realy got hold of me during the exams preparations,but thank God he never leave nor forske me. i made it ,though some of my semester marks were misbehaving(lol if you know what i mean, and above all i cant wait to see you guys. forgive me for my previous behaviour, i was stressed with books,but this time i promise you guys you will have the whole of jeffrey(the me, myself and i)


Masebe-09 said...

Holla Jeff.The time for the exams is the most daunting one hey. It is pleasing to hear you say you have made it though. I also have hope so yeah one can see light at the end of the tunnel. See you soon Bafethu!!!

Chwayitisa 09 said...

Wakakaka Jeff my love I miss you too much, You, yourself and yourself, wakakaka Im glad the exams were good to ya, Im only half-way through mine. Nway Skat Im see all y'all in a minute when we meet up again mwa!!!