18 June, 2009

FLu's, Exams and the Confed Cup

I find it so interesting how everyone is just sick around about this time every year. Personally its the first time that I'm actually sick with the flu, however I must say it is fun being sick because you get away with murder. You can do or say something stupid and your excuse can be it's the medication that's talking.

On another note the exams. I would like to believe that I am fortunate that Bongani and myself don't write exams, however I must state our department applies the continuous assessment programme in order for us to apply the theory. In the beginning I found it hard to adjust from the usual exam mentality to the constant handing in of assignments that require you to apply everything you have been taught, something that I wish was emphasized more properly.

The Confederations Cup is amazing to watch. I thought that South Africa could not pull it off, but the matches I have being seeing lately make it interesting enough for me to buy a ticket for the world"That's if i get a job!?" When I saw the opening ceremony I felt a sense of pride in South Africa and Africa as whole. I think that as South Africans we spend most of time looking at the negatives and the realities of the situation and little on the positives and possible outcomes. I think the world is waiting in anticipation to see what Africa can other than the constant civil wars and crime stats that they hear about from the media. I believe the media is partly to blame for the way we view situations around the country. Last night's soccer S.A vs New Zealand made so proud that it erased all the prior failures.

I hope that as future journos we can realise that we hold society in our hands, that we can often determine how people think and respond. Let us use that power to better this nation.

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