01 September, 2009

It's Possible

Well I haven't been telling you fellow FJP's how difficult it has been working at a Sunday paper. I still don't know WHY I got to do my inservice training at a Weekend paper, not that I'm complaining but it's for seasoned journalists. I don't even have proper contacts in the world of weekend newspapers and so it's become a mission for me to be a success.

Well I got my first lead story!!! It lead in the Sunday Tribune AND the Sunday Independent, but without my by-line (they cheated me :-) ), but either way I know that I got it.

I also got ANOTHER front page story. It was actually a series on prostitution in Durban and it was an eye-opener. I actually got teary eyed at one point- now don't judge me, even Buhle can shed a tear or two- and we were chased by P*I*M*P*S! That was scary, but it was also a huge adrenaline rush.

So guys it is possible, no matter how difficult and impossible you think it is, if you just pervere, you'll be fine!!!


Jeff 09 said...

You are right Buhle, perseverance is a key to success im happy for you. keep up the good work, we(fjp's) are right behind you, see you soon on the field hey.

Masebe-09 said...

I can imagine the feeling Buhle and yeah congratulations. I remember how excited I was when I first had my story published in one of the community newspapers around here in the Eastern Cape. Good Luck!

Future Journalists Programme said...

You are quite the inspiration Buhle. Pimps you say? That must have been something else.

Keep them coming!

Nqobile08 said...


WEll done my friend. You have done us proud. Indeed, it goes to show that FJP and Highway Africa is not wasting effort, time and mind you, a lot of money, investing in us young journalists. A lot of things happen in the real world that are in every way infringing on citizens' freedom and democracy, and it is up to journalists to put the guilty in the open.

Having to run from pimps is a scary ordeal (and I can imagine you saying 'Kwanzima' somewhere in this madness). But escaping with a story at hand deserves an applause. Real journalists are made of courage that any other person dare dreams of. So, you have done it. Go Buhle!

Buhle '08 said...

Pimps indeed!!! It was a nightmare. But it was also fun, well not the solicting part. I felt dirty after speaking to those girls after I lied to get them to come with me, so I can talk to them.

FJP's enjoy the Highway Africa conference

Buhle '08 said...

The first thing I said when i go into th newsroom, was say, Kwanzima!!! Ah man, it was scary but so worth it in the end!