08 September, 2009

Mobile Technology is Africa's solution

Amidst the darkness of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, a little light shines.

HIV/Aids has affected and infected many people from all walks of life in an agonising way, particularly in Africa. Yet, the struggle is not lost. The whole world continues to search for ways to prevent, manage and cure the disease.

Cell-Life is one such organisation, striving to provide innovative technology solutions for the management of HIV/AIDS. It has come up with a new idea that addresses how organisations and communities can use mobile media in the fight against the pandemic. During their session, Using Mobile Media for Social Change, at the 2009 Highway Africa conference, Cell-Life introduced a new concept to combat the pandemic which is based on information communication technology (ICT) social empowerment.

The solution to Africas HIV/AIDS problem is cell phones. Armed with internet applications, cell phones can perform more functions just in one compact device than any other medium and they reach a large audience in Africa.

Cell-life uses cell phones for mass messaging- giving prevention and positive living information, linking patients and clinics whilst giving peer-to-peer support and counselling. And all of this can be done through a cell phone. Cell Life’s project also focuses on building organisational capacity for HIV-related organisations and also deals with monitoring and evaluating such projects.

For more information on Cell-Life you can visit their site on: www.cell-life.org.za or call them on: +27 21 469 1111.

By: Ongezwa and Zukiswa

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Nqobile08 said...

I think Cell-Life is doing a great job. I mean, Africa has suffered enough due to this pandemic, and if it takes being hounded with messages on our cells just that we know how to take precaution- so be it. I would have loved to attend this session, but hey, u guys have enlightened me enough. Great job