11 September, 2009

New project for investigative reporting in Africa

The world of journalism is very broad and as a result information is often communicated through news agencies and correspondents.

The Ujima Project: Investigating reporting for Africa has developed new and efficient ways that allow for journalists to gather information. This is a new project that was created by the Great Lakes Media Institute and is headed by a team of journalists from Africa and the US; namely- Sally Stapleton, who is a deputy managing director for The Day newspaper, Ron Nixon a reporter for the New York Times , an architect and lead developer of the Ujima Project, and Stephen C. Miller, an editor, reporter and technology consultant.

The project is an incubator to develop a digital house to disseminate nonpartisan data relevant to Africa. The project is in the form of a website for the use by journalists and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO). It “allows access to factual data and to information that may not be readily available in many African countries”.
The non-profit project aims to help journalists, but the audience can also use the site to get information they need. Information is updated at least once a month, for the convenience of the people. This project is funded by the Open Society Institute, Investigative Reporters and Editors, the Ford Foundation and members of the Great Lakes Media Institute.

There are to be new ways in which people can access this website and not only on the internet but as well on their mobile phones, which is still in the developing process. This particular project is still new and members will appreciate feedback and criticisms and journalists are urged to follow the blog as a form of interactivity.

By: Samu Makhubu

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