01 July, 2009

Village Green relocates to Rhodes campus

Festival in big venue move
By FJP Reporters

With the National Arts Festival in its 35th and what promises to be its biggest year, the ever-popular and growing Transnet Village Green Fair has relocated to a bigger venue. In keeping with international arts and crafts trends, the Village Green Fair has relocated to the Great Field Complex on Rhodes campus, a larger and more people friendly venue.

According to National Arts Festival CEO Tony Lankester, this move promises to provide a new “family-friendly environment” that will accommodate more stalls for adults and amusement outlets for children. Organisers also hope to attract more international arts and crafts distributors.

Other new features at the new venue include plasma television screens in the new beer garden and Amazing Stage, a platform for Fringe performers to stage snippets from their work. It will also feature a new ticket office, a restaurant, an all-new Cuervo Music Room, and Wi-Fi access for those with laptop computers.

Additionally, the former Church Square Container Village has moved down to Fiddler’s Green, the former Transnet Village Green Fair grounds, promising a uniquely Street Theatre- laden African Arts and Crafts experience.

Reported and written by Chwayitisa Futshane, Colin Wardle, Ongeza Ndlakuse & Jane Mathebula

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