30 June, 2011

Another round of FJPs and Highway Africa: National Arts Festival by Bhekimpilo Dungeni

After almost three months of being apart, the FJPs are back together again, rejuvinated and full of fresh energy to brave this year's Grahamstown National Arts Festival. With so many shows lined up in the Fringe programme this year, all one can do is wonder how are we going to contend this winter cold in Grahamstown, to put together the best reviews for Cue and Highway Africa as a whole.

With the first shows already taking stage, I had the opportunity to attend the first show on the FJPs line up, called Mafeking Road, which features Andrew Laubscher and Mathew Lewis, as they combine physical theathre and comic-style acting to create this unique, fresh, and groovy stage performance.

The show is simply a breakdown of Herman Charles Bosman short stories, which are churned into snippets that keep the audience glued to stage as they try to see the story unfold, and run through parts that take you back and fourth in Bosman's story world. A classic performance indeed, that bears so much local flavour and an abundant spew of creativity.

By Bhekimpilo Dungeni

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