30 June, 2011

FJP at National Arts Festival simply AMAZ!NG

The future Journalists Programme (FJP) is having the second event on its calendar, the Winter School: Experiential Learning at National Arts Festival, from 30th June- 10 July 2011.

This is a Writing Workshop, which kick-started today, and promises as a lot of fun-learning for the 20 second year journalism students from 10 institutions around the country. They will be taught the nuances of writing and will get real practical experience as they will cover events around the National Arts festival. This includes reporting on some of the productions showcased on the Fringe programme, attending thought provoking Think!Fest talks and capturing the general festivities of this exciting time.

FJPs are trained by Rhodes JMS graduate, Nicolene Nyx McLean, who holds a Bjorn and an MA in Journalism and Media Studies. Constantly on a caffein-overdose and energy-overdrive, Nyx has planted the 'fest seed' to the group.

This is certainly a time for FJPs to grasp the fundamentals of art writing, and most importantly, an opportunity for them to test their abilities and push themselves to be the go-getter journalists they aspire to be!

In the midst of the madness, hopper-catching and show critique, there is a comforting love, oozing out from FJP's newest member, Sipho the Squirrel! Akhona has been babysitting him for the day, and more reports on their adventure will follow shortly.

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