01 June, 2011

FJP....Thumbs UP!!!!!!

It is of greatest pleasure to inform you all that after the FJP winter school the University of Fort Hare's Business communications proffesor (prof B.K. Sibanda) found interest in the reports that we gave as the participants. He took it into action...went to the department's store room and found two apple computers that were bought in 2006 which were used only ONCE and put them into good use. We now have our own little documentary productions which we edited ourselves with the help of mr. Phakama Sibanda who guided us through the editing process (reminding Portia and I some stuff we had forgotten) To think that for the past 5years there's been equipment that hasnt been used just gives me a headache! Had it not beeen for FJP and our very enthusiastic proffesor..we would never have discovered the treasure that was right under our noses! THANKS FJP!!!!!!


Nqobile08 said...

That's wonderful news Sethu! Now you understand what we mean when we say FJP truly empowers young journalists to take charge of their future!
I will thank Prof. Sibanda for putting your and Portia's skill to good use.
Perhaps you might also think about starting a video club on campus. You could teach the other students the fundamentals of television broadcast and make documentaries of stories around your neighbourhood. It would be extending your FJP experiences to other students as well.

I am also fascinated by the fact that you were able to transfer what you learnt on mobile reporting- using only a simple cell phone, Windows Movie Maker and Audacity, and are now able to use the same basic knowledge using different equipment, as you mentioned you now have cameras, Final Cut etc. That is great!

Moagisi and I, FJP and Highway Africa are very pleased that we gave you guys a skill which you can use back home! FJP is the future of journalism in SA :-), and well done!

DHitzeroth11 said...

That's amazing!!