30 June, 2011

Sipho the Squirrel's festival experience

My name is Sipho Harry Oreo, I'm a Squirrel. This year is my first time at the Grahamstown Arts Festival and today I went on my first tour of the Fest. I am still overwehlmed by the experience from the shows I got to see, the artists I met and my shoe shopping spree. Grahamstown is really cold and wet and I needed shoes to get me nice and warm enough to walk the festival's buzzing streets but unfortunatley I couldn't get my shoe size, I almost died when Bongi tried to drown me in a pond but I survived, i'm a Squerrel after all. The amount of talent I saw has inspired me and ignited an art appreciation flame that i never knew was there. I cannot wait for tomorrow's experience and I know from now on I'm not going to miss a single year of the Arts Fest.
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Akhona Valashiya

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Nqobile08 said...

Sipho is a darling...and cute too. I imagine it must be overwhelming for him, so tiny, trying to find his space in a big artistic world! He quite fits well in between those shoes :)...a bit big to feel perhaps, but his heart is in there :) GREAT WORK Akho. Just keep taking care of Sipho!