23 August, 2011

A Day at FJP

By: Michaella Sloane

The Future Journalists Programme is more than just a selection of workshops for university students, it's a massive stepping stone leading to success.

Journalists in Africa have the potential to do great things but a lack of resources can hinder that potential. Although the numbers may be small, the students who are accepted into the programme find that they can overcome their disadvanatges and make incredible things happen. Of all the students I have heard about today, not one of them left the programme and wasn't welcomed by success. They were equipped with the abilities and skills that showed them they can be unstoppable.

This has been an inspiring experience, to see what FJP students can do to make a difference to society.

Journalism is no longer restricted to the columns of a newspaper. It exists in so many forms and I think people often forget this or sometimes just aren't aware of it. FJP opens all of these doors and encourages young people to take advantage of this and capitalize on it.

Lebogang Mgiba, a students from last years course, said that "One thing that made me love this project was the topic, 'social media and journalism'. It has taught me that journalists need to be aware of Twitter, Facebook and blogs for enhancing our journalism skills."

FJP seems like the opportunity of a lifetime to me and it's been really cool to hear everything that it's doing in the world of journalism.

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C Mthembu said...


I like what you say about the FJP,it is really a lifetime opportunity. being part of the fjp made realise my abilities and this is where I found inspiration, now i know what i wanna be and i am working towards being the best.