18 August, 2011


UFH OR RSU?...That's the question on my mind as I walk out of the GREEN AUDITORIUM where a political debate was held at the University of Fort Hare (UFH), Alice campus on August, 18th, 2011.

A motion by PSAMA, one of the political student movements at the campus to change the University's name to "Robert Sobukwe University " created a buzz amongst the students leading to a commotion at the venue. Well, from what I could hear in the PASMA representative's reasoning, the name changing would be to seek as much attention from stakeholders and publics as all the other tertiary institutions.

Gives you something to think about though...I mean almost all the renowned politicians once stepped their feet on Forte grounds and lived in the same residences we live in today so why shouldn't we name our varsity after atleast one of them? (Just a thought/justification).

The debate was between Student Political Movements (SASCO, COPESM, PASMA, ANCYL) to discuss about the value and role of political movements of the students on education at the campus. You would think it would be thought-provoking, oh well it just left more questions than answers as the political parties were more opposing each other rather than bringing to the table what we (the students) wanted to hear. The questions stand...Are these political student movements really worth our votes? What are they contributing towards the betterment of our educational experience at the University? (Just my opinion)

And University of Forte becoming Robert Sobukwe University mhhh...Now that's one to think about. What do you think?

By: Sesethu Malgas

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