24 August, 2011

Michaella Uncovered

The essence of youth is a like the sensation of an exhilarating drug! Not that we take any narcotics at FJP, but it is the imagination thereof of an elixir of youth that pervades every thought with an addictive hint of positivity. Yesterday morning was filled with all conversations youthful, ideas imaginative and futures journalistic. What a happy time it was!

For the past 3 days, Highway Africa and FJP has had the pleasure to host Michaella Sloane, a 17 year old from Kingswood College. Michaella is currently serving her four-day observation period at Highway Africa. She couldn't have chosen a better time to come, since we are currently preparing for the upcoming 15th edition of the highway Africa Conference. All staff welcomed her and showed her the ropes of how to manage a continental journalism organisation.

Probing on how Michaella ended up in our midst, I decided to do a quickfire on her.

Sitshele- Tell us!

Asked to define herself in in 5 words, Michaella was confident to say she is “different, creative, artistic, sarcastic and comfortable.”

A Grahamstownian, bred at Kingswood College for the past 14 years, Michaella treasures her high school experience as she mentions it has given her a lot of experiences and opportunities. “At the beginning of my schooling I was in the corner, but in Kingswood I became a person who existed. I was made aware of my abilities, particularly art and writing,” Michaella said. This encouraged her to be her own person.

Talking about her future aspirations, Michaella acknowledged that she wants to be in a space where she is recognised. She wants to be an author, who at all costs, avoids romantic novels! “I want to write fantasy novels because it allows you to use your imagination; to be as weird as you want and people think you’re cool still.”

Considering the meagre readership of fantasy writing in South Africa, Michaella was not worried. “If I end up writing something famous, it would be cool to show that South Africa can produce really good stories.” Indeed, we are not worried about Michaella's success as a writer,as she plans to enrole for a journalism degree here at Rhodes. So, we at Highway Africa are merely counting a couple of years until we read an African Harry Potter by Michaella Sloane.

Wrapping the day, Michaella cared to share her thoughts on what she would like to see in South Africa in the upcoming few years. See video HERE.

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