18 October, 2007

Ignorance our greatest enemy

Ukona Jelwana (WSU)

"No dumping by order of the town clerk", (written in some of the environment campaign boards).

Nobody listens though. You find that if you look down, not far from where the board is or better yet just below the board there is rubbish cluttered right there. What is the problem why are people not listening?

Could it be that the community does'nt have any other place to dump their litter, or they do but they just don't care to make an effort? Are these campaign boards really making a difference (really are they?) or are they just a waste of money? What does the municipality say about this are they making any follow up on the matter?

I think I need to find answers to these questions. Either way people keep your environment clean. This is, after all your city and it should be taken care off.


Future Journalists 2007 said...

Ukhona and others. What is the possibility of getting some pictures to illustrate what you are talking about.
PS. Watch this space. Now that I know that you are using the site, I will see what other tools I can add to improve the functionality of the blog.

Anonymous said...

Ukhona, Your photo adds value to the article. Well done.