30 October, 2007

Why pee in public?

Ukona Jelwana (WSU)

I don't mean to player hate, but eish the guys "ziyasihlaza"(are a disgrace).

Why must they strut their stuff everywhere. On my way to varsity this morning I had the unfortunate pleasure of witnessing a dude unzipping and doing a number one right there. I was so shy because the traffic was very slow and he was in my face invading my private space. Mara why guys? Yho.

I am specifically preaching to the guys because you hardly ever find a chick that would pee in front of everyone without a care in the world of who sees her or not. Urinating in public is a nuisance not to mention degrading, to the person urinating and the person that has to witness the deed.

Why can't guys hold it in until they find a toilet? I would be forever grateful if I could find just one guy that could answer this question because this is really getting out of hand. I am challenging the Future Journos guys too.


Anonymous said...

Hi futurejournos.

I have been going through some of your work. I have added hyper text links where possible (eg. Habitat for Humanity, City Press).

Words in a language other than the one used on the site should be italicised and where possible a definition inserted in brackets eg. Ziyasihlaza (??)

Break up those long paragraphs of texts into bite size chunks. Blog blocks should not be the length of your academic essay paragraphs.

Pepper subheads (in bold) every five or six paragraphs. It just helps when someone is reading a long story.

Can we get some relevant tags (labels) on all your posts? It just helps search engines (Google)to find your stories if they are properly tagged.

Please also get someone to read your blogs before posting them. Several had no titles, and many are littered with spelling and grammatical mistakes.

That's the wrong way to get the attention of the big boss.

Finally, if you can add any photos or video to your blogposts to improve their general appearance then do so.

Jude Mathurine

sixolisiwe ndawo said...

I couldn't agree with you more.There is nothing more disgusting than to watch an individual urinating in public, it's not only public indecency but a manner of not having enough self respect, for your self and your fellow man. I say to all guys, for once in your life, act like a woman when it comes to urinating and do it in the privacey of you and your eyes.

RHODES SCO said...

what is new today is that even women do urinate in public you might not believe it because you haven't seen it yet,but it is an experience that see to be normal these days. I know not all women do this and the same applies with men but in a number of occasions women are not afraid of moving up their dresses and do it. This of course this is about self respect, and without that sense of integrity people can not respect any-one if they don't start respecting themselves.