25 October, 2007

G'town alive with story ideas

Simphiwe Kanityi (RU)

Right! here I have two story ideas

1. Grahamstown is a well known place "City of Saints" where many conferences are being held. What is amazing about Grahamstown is the fact that there are no public toilets. I want to tackle this story through taxi rank which is very very dirty, it is almost in the centre of the town and is really dirty. Places made for people to rest while waiting for taxis are full of filthy water and used as loo.

2. My second story is about a guy who is doing recycling, they collect bottles, glasses, papers and boxes. This guy does not have a place to work on, so using his truck for collection and storage for all that he collects. So I want to find out about the products he produce out of this recycling so that other people can do the same with the litter that seem to be so scattered in our communities, and whether he gets any support from municipality.

Hope they both make sagacity. Since I will be starting writing by next weekend I would like to work on these as soon as possible, only if they get approved.

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Future Journalists said...

Hey Simms. hope you're okay. i would really love to read that story about the guy who makes 'things' from recycled bottles. Just fill us in on the kind of art he produces and if possible please take pics. hope City Press will approve. good luck and take care.