24 October, 2007

Home for humanity

Sertanya Reddy (UKZN)

I would like to pitch my first story idea for City Press. I would like to write about Habitat for Humanity, the international organisation that is involved in building homes for the underprivileged, through the use of volunteers.

The story would inspire because it would focus on how communities come together to help each other and promote the development of the community. I have been part of Habitat builds, so I would like to give a partly personal account of the experience of working as a member of a team that is involved in developing and uplifting a community.

I hope that the story is in keeping with City Press' "Your South Africa" campaign.

1 comment:

Future Journalists said...

Hey mate. I think that's a great idea. While some of us focus on the negative aspects of communities neglecting their own space, i find it important to get those stories that show some form of unity and responsibility in the neighbourhood. I mean Habitat for Humanity has done a great job so far and the communities they have helped should themselves be commended for lending a helping hand in upgrading their places and making their hoods a great site to look at. Go ahead and good luck.