18 October, 2007

She's exceptional

Ukona Jelwana (WSU)

I commend street vendors yazi, for the simple reason that they are making an honest living by being entrepreneurs.

There is one in particular that grabs my attention every time I walk home from the taxi stop. She is so environmentally friendly, unlike other street vendors she always cleans up when the day is over. She would pick up all the left over rotten fruit and veg, pile them up neatly and put them in a black plastic bag.

It's a pity though that every morning when she comes back, all the rubbish has been scattered all over the place. I always think to myself what if she could get a big metal bin to put all her rubbish in, in that way saving her the trouble of having to reclean after the dogs have torn the plastics open.

I ended up thinking (once again) that I have been afforded an opportunity to raise awareness by City Press. I am a future journalist therefore i have the power to write stories and get the right people to make a noise about such things. So I'm thinking of writing a story about her.

That's if the big boss approves of it anyway.


Anonymous said...

We live in a country that has two economies(I do not want to mention the bee|ANC leaders economy) . That is the white and the black economy. Although some people might say I am unnecesarly pulling the rase card here. But come to think of it why is it that when one mentions a "vendor" then immedeately I get a picture of black person . Unfortunately in this country your economic status determines how dirty or filthy is your place of work or your home.In most cases it even determines how much private life you can enjoy. The dirtiest of places in this country are the townships and you know who lives in the townships.The people who live in Gugulethu ,Duncan Village and Soweto know the taste of dirt and have come to accept it as part of their lives. It is these people who understand municipal services as only a privellege as it only comes to them once in a full moon.Unti the current powers in this country see all people as people the townships will remain filthy and an unbearable thing to see.You can you believe that the Buffalo City once won the Vuna Award for being the cleanest municipality.How drty must other place be if the BC is the cleanest. It must be known that the vendors also pay a certain fee for being vendor is not the municipality suppose to clean up after them .


RHODES SCO said...

Simphiwe Kanityi (RU)
I think you have got a point there, that is a story! go ahead and write it regardless of approval or not but really that is a story. I hope all people will learn from that particular somebody and follow. Nice articles keep it up! do you have a clue if what is happening with other Future Journos? Shout when you encounter the for the job has began, now is that time we have been waiting for. I think the first week of November we need to be handing in something, right? Keep well.

Future Journalists said...

I think Monde Mberane from WSU has totally missed the point.The story idea is about a vendor that is environmentally aware but has no resources to follow it through.

It's not about the black white economy, or about who lives in the township or not.

I appreciate you takin an interest in my blog and making a comment, but it goes without saying that you have totally missed the point seriously.