03 September, 2010

Aubrey: a tall, dark guy

Tall guy:Aubrey is a second year Journalism sstudent at the University of Limpopo. Pic: Anorth Mabuda.
Aubrey is a 21 year old from Polokwane, he’s tall, dark and flashes out his white teeth often.
Aubrey works well with others because he is the kind of guy who would rather keep quiet and listen to others.
He had a good relationship with his parents as a child, he got special attention as the youngest and he has maintained that good relationship with his family till today.
Coming from a family of four children and him being the last born is expected to do whatever the elders require of him, so he was an obedient child who listened and did things as he was expected to.
He likes following orders and doesn’t disappoint. One can see this when he was asked by the FJP assistant coordinator Nqobile Buthelezi to take pictures of the FJPs and he made sure that whenever we went out he took pictures.
He is very close with his siblings and they like doing things together and they’ve had this kind of relationship ever since he was a young boy and has remained close with them.
Aubrey grew up in a Christian family. One occasion that he remembers was when the other boys his age were going for initiation school and his father didn’t allow him to go; he had to respect his father’s decision. He was circumcised in the hospital and people understood his father’s decision but some were not comfortable with the whole idea.


Asanda10 said...

This is great Pollie atleast I now have an idea of who Aubrey is because we never really got to know each other that well.

Sungeni 10 said...

"flashes out his white teeth often" - I love it