03 September, 2010

Lebo: In love. With Blackberry

Lebogang Mgiba is a 2nd year Journalism student from the University of Johannesburg.

Lebogang Mgiba from the University of Johannesburg is originally from Mpumalanga “I was a very good young boy, said Lebogang,” He described that he was a very clever and a naughty young boy who always seemed as good as the other. He liked to play soccer with friends and he also liked to spend much of his time with his grandmother. “I liked to stay with my grandmother because my mom was always at work,” he explained.

His dreams were to be a teacher because he was not mature enough and he did not have sufficient information.”My mom bought me a bicycle to show how much she cares and loves me” Lebogang said. He wanted his mom to pay much attention to him so if his mom ignored him he pretended as if he had a headache.

He explained that he used to play with both girls and boys because he had cousins of which some of them are girls and others are boys. He also has a few nieces. Going to school is the other thing that he liked to do. He never bunked school, he was a good listener and a much disciplined young boy when he was at school, never bothering his teachers.

Lebogang is a very cute, medium guy and he is slender. He is a very talkative and polite boy who likes to communicate and share ideas with people about what he knows. For instance, he likes to be on Twitter most of the time but he does not only share information with people on Twitter but also with people around him.


Sungeni 10 said...

VERY CUTE! :) Vee are you going to lay him? :)

Malusi 10 said...

nice title

lebogang10 said...


SimCard said...

Dear Sungeni,
You should edit this piece.
Headline should be Lebo: Fell in love. With Blackberry!

Buhle '08 said...

Kwaaa Lebza... I shall tell everyone about your Khanyi Mbau tendecies!!!