03 September, 2010

Poliswa: light, diligent. And Christian!

Bright Eyes: Poliswa Plaatjie at Rhodes University recently. Pic by Anorth Mabunda


Poliswa is a pretty light-complexioned young woman who loves company of everyone she comes across. She’s diligent and industrious. The 19-year old is of medium build and height. She speaks isiXhosa and enjoys hanging out with her friends. She's currently a second year Media and Journalism student at Walter Sisulu University in the Eastern Cape.
Like everyone else, Poliswa has avocations and abilities of her own interests. She enjoys writing, reading and socialising but she's not into fashion. “I hate people who are always on fashion,” she said.
I define her as a simple and extroverted girl who is full of entertaining at all times. Poliswa was basically born at Umtata, Eastern Cape, but didn’t spend enough time with her family. She almostly spent her childhood with her little mother in KwaZulu-Natal.
The last born in a family of four, Poliswa has an open and light-hearted relationship with her siblings.

She completed her primary education in the Eastern Cape and KZN, and her secondary school at John’s College, Umtata where she matriculated and was blessed with university admission letter.

She's a born-again a Christian. "My new life is such an important thing to me," she said


Poliswa10 said...

Aubrey I spent two years in KZN, I spent most of my time in Umtata with my mum!!!!!!

Aubrey 10 said...

Ok! point taken. My apology 4 dat nd i'll get down 2 correct soon.

Sungeni 10 said...

lol Pollie are you angry? I like your caption Aub

Sungeni 10 said...

lol this picture...

Poliswa10 said...

Lol..No Sushie im not angry..me angry?????no way
I hate the picture, Im ugly lol